Police Records


Police records, also known as criminal records, are documents that contain a person’s current charges, as well as his past crimes. This is beneficial for
future business partners, as well as lenders, to determine the individual’s trustworthiness.

If you belong to any of these categories or if you just want to make sure about the people around you, then it is a must for you to search for police
records as needed.

Who Needs Police Record Lookup?

Looking up these documents provide a wealth of information, not only for business partners or lenders. Here are some individuals or agencies that can
benefit from a police record lookup as well:

• Security officials, for the purposes of criminal investigation
• Future parents, for adoption purposes
• Persons who wish to obtain licenses (drivers, professionals, etc.)
• Tourists who wish to obtain travel or immigration visas

How to Search for Police Data Records

There are different branches of the government that can help you search for a person’s police records and arrested charges.

• Local Police Station – You can visit the police station to ask for documents about a certain individual. These records can show a person’s
neighborhood nicknames, as well as his gang affiliation, if any.
• FBI – For a more comprehensive police data check, you can visit the Federal Bureau of Investigation. You can request for a person’s records by
submitting a request containing the individual’s particulars, such as his name, date and place of birth, fingerprints, if available.
• Online Search – If you do not have time to visit these agencies, you can search for police records through the online portals of local or federal
security bureaus by providing the required information.

Whether you are an employer, a lender, or a tourist looking for valuable data, then a police record lookup is what you need to do. With the useful facts
that this document can give you, you can make a sound judgment and keep yourself, your family and your company safe from evildoers.

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