Are you thinking of interviewing potential business partners? Or do you want to conduct a background search on your next door neighbor? One of the most
important records to search to keep you and your family or company safe is that of inmate records or documents.

Why do you need to search for inmate records?

The question should be, why not? While your new applicant or new tenant might look harmless, it pays to be vigilant when it comes to background checks.
Searching for his inmate records, if any, can give you an idea of the crime he has committed, how many years he has been convicted, and what prison he was
incarcerated in.

By conducting an inmate record search, you can monitor if he is on parole and following the mandated court probations. With so, you can report him
immediately to the authorities if you deem that he is not following court orders.

How to search for inmate records

Searching for inmate records is easy with online locator websites, such as that of the Federal Bureau of Prisons website. You can search the documents
through the finder by inputting the inmate’s ID number, or his particulars (name, race, sex and age.)

For a more specific search, you can utilize the portal of the jail where the person has been incinerated.

Apart from an online search, you can also visit the jails or penitentiaries nearby to check if a person has any existing records. This is time-consuming,
but it can give you access to records that are not available in online locator websites.

While not all freed inmates are harmful, some of them might be. Do not forsake your safety, as well as that of your family, by not conducting an inmate
record lookup. This easy and inexpensive way of document searching can give you an idea of a person’s past – and this might just give you the validation or
the peace of mind that you need.

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