Criminal and Felony

The terms ‘criminal’ and ‘felony’ are often times interchanged, but they are actually very distinct conditions. A criminal offense is actually a broader term,
with felonies, infractions, and misdemeanors as its three types. Once you are levied with any of these violations, you
will be held punishable according to the statutes of the justice system.

1. Felony – Known as the gravest of criminal offenses, examples of felonies include rape, murder, kidnapping, even grand theft auto and armed robbery. The
punishment for committing any of these crimes can range from incarceration, life without parole, even the death sentence.

Once convicted of a felony, you will lose several rights, such as the right to vote, and the right to carry ammunitions.

Apart from the felon, persons who have helped him can be charged by the justice system as well.

2. Misdemeanors – Touted as lesser crimes, incarceration for this type of offense is usually under a year. Other forms of punishment for misdemeanors can
include restitution, community service, or probation.

Misdemeanors differ from a felony with regards to the crime’s severity. However, misdemeanors such as driving under the influence can become a felony
especially if the accident results in injury or death.

3. Infraction – Considered the mildest of crimes, infractions, which are also known as violations, involve an individual act of deviation from local laws
and regulations. It usually does not come with jail as consequence. Instead, fines are usually levied, which can be paid on the spot or in court.

Beating the red light is considered a minor infraction, but if it results in injury or death, it can be elevated to the level of misdemeanor or felony.

You can hire an attorney in case you are filed an infraction case, but you cannot expect legal assistance from the government.

Since a brush with the law is almost always unavoidable, it is best if you are well-informed of criminal offenses and felonies – what they
entail, and what you can expect in case you commit the. After all, ignorance of the law will do you no good!

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